Devils @ Cradle

Devils @ Cradle

Initial enquiries were made late July 2022 to sponsor a Tasmanian Devil through neighbouring business – “Devils@Cradle”, with Danielle letting us know that we were first in line for 2022 young, very exciting news for us!!

Danielle emailed us our first photo of “Squizz” on 28th November. Squizz is very confident and has just started making appearances on joey encounters, meeting some visitors, and assisting the Devils@Cradle team in teaching guests about their conservation programs.

Why we sponsored a Tasmanian Devil

Devils@Cradle are a fellow business and a neighbour in the small community of the Pencil Pine village, just north of Cradle Mountain.

We recognise the importance of supporting our neighbours, especially as we emerge from the pandemic that has affected our area so much over the last few years.

Sponsoring a Devil is a great way for us to support Devils@Cradle and their efforts in helping to sustain the lives of Tasmanian Devils.

It is a pretty unique opportunity to sponsor a Devil, and all of our staff are absolute animal lovers.

Reason we chose to name our Tasmanian Devil “Squizz”

We have chosen the name Squizz for our little Tasmanian Devil as a subtle reference to one of the helicopter types we use at Cradle Mountain Helicopters – a B2 Squirrel.

We shortened Squirrel down to Squizz, which we think is a suitably cute yet chopper-related name for our Tasmanian Devil.

Our first visit to meet Squizz

Josh, Bec, and Mitch visited Squizz on Friday, 6th January 2023, Squizz weighed between 2-3 kilograms, and is expected to grow as big as 8-9 kilograms by the time she reaches adulthood.

Tasmanian Devils usually live approximately 5 years in the wild, however in captivity can live up to 8-9 years. Devil sanctuaries such as Devils@Cradle allow a chance for Tasmanian Devils to thrive with minimal threat of contracting the Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD), which has wiped out up to 60% of Tasmanian Devils since the mid 1990’s.

Visit Squizz

By visiting Devils@Cradle and joining their joey encounter, you may be lucky enough to meet Squizz too!

Devils@Cradle gifted us a beautiful portrait of Squizz which is proudly displayed in our booking office.

Thank you Devils@Cradle

Management and staff at Cradle Mountain Helicopters take this opportunity to thank Wade, Danielle, and the entire team at Devils@Cradle for letting us sponsor “Squizz”.

Visit the Website
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